Advanced .Net developer training at Headspring

Since 2008, Headspring has refined and expanded its technical training offerings.  In January of 2008, I sat down and racked my brain for how we could share the knowledge we had acquired building custom business software.  The Agile Boot Camp is what I came up with.  I designed and taught that course throughout that year. 

It continues to be an intense, developer-focused 3-day training course which immersed the developer into the Extreme Programming practices, patterns, architecture, and the Software Configuration Management that is essential on a high-performing agile team.  Leaving the fluffy process training to the Scrum folks, this course continues to immerse .Net developers into an environment where they can move quickly and deliver software fast!

In 2009, we expanded the offering with an ASP.NET MVC Boot Camp to provide a UI-focused developer course for web application developers.   With several ASP.NET MVC book authors on staff, we are able to provide in-depth guidance on how to use the new ASP.NET MVC framework, not just how the API’s function. 

With all of our training offerings, we apply our Headspring worldview, which is rooted in the 12 Agile principles and fine-tuned by the 15 Extreme Programming principles.  Automated developer testing is pervasive, and streamlined build & deployment automation make software changes easy.

Mostly recently, we have begun our Software Craftsman Series, which is aimed at those who have a hard time taking 3 days from the demands of day-to-day work.  At only 1.5 hours per week, we tackle essential topics to software development.  In our opinion, these topics should be mandatory for all .Net developers.  Though it is possible to learn some of this through books and personal research, we efficiently package it into 12 weeks of 1.5-hour sessions.  This gives you time to digest and apply each topic throughout the week until the next class.

We have future plans to offer courses for:

  • Software Architects
  • Software Executives/Managers

We love getting feedback about our training products.  We routinely ask current clients what they’d like to see next, and we would love to have your ideas about what would make these products attractive to _you_.

Take a look at all of our training offerings here:

As a side note, Headspring is not a training company.  We build custom business software for small & mid-sized companies.  We also teach our client’s software developers how to do it and do it well.  We have learned so much from the many projects we have completed, and training is a terrific outlet for sharing that knowledge.  We train in our spare time, so we don’t have courses every week.  Remember, we’re busy building software.