MvcConf MVC Q&A call for questions

At MvcConf this Tuesday (2/8/2011), I will be hosting a Q&A session where YOU drive the content.  This is a 100% virtual conference.

mvcConf Speaker Jeffrey Palermo
Jeffrey Palermo


Most conferences are full of presentations with a little bit of Q&A at the end. This session is 100% Q&A, and YOU drive the content. I’ll take a few questions people have posed through twitter and my blog, but during the session, I will answer questions as you submit them. My hope is to provide real-world contextual advice by accessing ASP.NET experience since 2002 and ASP.NET MVC experience since October, 2007 and my research in ASP.NET MVC in Action.

Please comment on this post to pose a question I can answer during this session.  I will also be taking questions via twitter.