MvcContrib version control has moved to GitHub

githubMvcContrib’s version control is now managed on  Thanks to Jeremy Skinner for doing the work necessary to move the Subversion repository.  Thanks to Eric Hexter for reconfiguring the TeamCity build to work with GitHub and publish artifacts to  Jeremy also has a tutorial for how to work with GitHub. continues to be the main URL for the project.  It currently directs to CodePlex for all SCM except for version control.

What are we trying to do with MvcContrib?

We are trying to make it as easy as possible to contribute to the project.  Continue to contribute feedback through CodePlex and on the mailing list at  The source has always been in Subversion at GoogleCode, but we (Jeremy) have recently move the source onto Git so that enthusiastic contributors don’t find themselves waiting for a committer to review a patch.  Because of GitHub’s setup, forking is normal and expected.  In fact, if we are slow to review and publish a new release with your contribution, other users who want your feature can pull it straight from your public fork.  This is a way of working that is less friction than the centralized patching workflow that Subversion requires. 

I, Eric, and Jeremy are all new to Git.  Jeremy knows it much better than Eric or I at this point, but we are giving it a shot because of the great reviews we’ve heard.  We are serious about it, too.  MvcContrib has become large and wildly popular with ASP.NET MVC developers, and it is linked directly off of ASP.NET MVC’s downloads page at  MvcContrib has racked up over 50,000 downloads since the project started, and many people have contributed to it.

We want MvcContrib to continue to grow in value.  If/When Microsoft implements some features that are directly in MvcContrib, we will refactor so that we depend on the latest feature releases.  MvcContrib will also soon have a branch preparing for the ASP.NET MVC 2 release.

Party with Palermo: PDC 2009 – save the date

Party with PalermoIt’s time again to plan another Party with Palermo.  This is the 3rd Party with Palermo in Los Angeles after the PDC 2008 party and the Tech Ed 2009 party

The PDC starts on a Tuesday, so the party will be held on a Monday night.  Book your plane tickets to arrive early on Monday so that you can make the party.  Details are as follows.  RSVP now so I can get a good count and tell your friends.  If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, email sponsorships [att} partywithpalermo. com

Party with Palermo: PDC 2009 Edition

November 16, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA – 7:00PM – 10:00PM

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel And Suites
404 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA
Ph: (213) 624-1000
Hollywood Ballroom (3rd floor)
Cover charge is 1 business card.  This will get you in the door and register you for the grand prize drawings.

  • Free to attend
  • Free fingerfood
  • Free drink
  • Free swag

ASP.NET MVC in Action: two free chapters and all source code online

Along with buying the EBook now and the print book shipping in 17 days on Sept 7th, you can download two free chapters right now online.  Go to to download the free stuff.

Along with the free chapters, you can get the source code for the entire book for FREE even if you haven’t purchased the book yet.  Be warned!  It’s a 97MB zip file that expands to about 200MB of Visual Studio solution goodness.  Over 60 ASP.NET MVC projects make up the examples in the book, and it all opens in one solution.  You need SQL Server 2005 Express to run some of the examples.

ASP.NET MVC in Action book complete and headed to the presses!

Below is the final cover for the book.  Because of the heavy emphasis on complementary tools for ASP.NET MVC, we’ve added a subtitle, “with MvcContrib, NHibernate, and more”.  MvcContrib is sprinkled throughout the book because we as an author team feel that MvcContrib is essential for its extra features.  It stays out of the way, but it is extremely useful to not have to write common extensions yourself.

I want to thank Phil Haack for coming through with a great Foreword for the book.  Thanks as well for the great framework that deserves this book.  Thanks to my two great co-authors, Ben Scheirman and Jimmy Bogard.  Also thanks to Jeremy Skinner who was a terrific technical editor.

We’re already starting plans for the 2nd edition that will cover ASP.NET MVC 2 (to be shipped with Visual Studio 2010).

If you are interested in buying the book, ASP.NET MVC in Action, don’t forget to get your coupon codes here.  Minimum 30% discount, and if you want to do a review or link to the book, use the shortened URL:


Headspring makes Inc. 500 and Microsoft Gold Partner

image It’s been two years since I joined Headspring Systems as employee #5, and we have grown by leaps and bounds.  We recently learned that we made #127 on Austin’s Inc. 500 list.  We are the 2nd or 4th fastest growing company in Austin depending on who you ask, and in the time period examined by, we have grown 1,366.3%.  Here is the company profile.


In that time, we’ve been able to hire some great people.  Readers of my blog have seen me link to them, and I’ve had the pleasure of writing a book (ASP.NET MVC in Action) with one of our Principal Consultants, Jimmy Bogard, and founding/working on MvcContrib with another one, Eric Hexter.

This year has been especially exciting as we’ve seen several of our sponsored open-source projects enjoy some pretty good adoption.  They are MvcContrib, AutoMapper, Solution Factory, and Tarantino.  You can see all the open-source projects we sponsor here.


image Early this year we also moved from Microsoft Certified Partner to Certified Gold Partner.  We have now joined just over 20 companies in the Austin area who are gold partners.  There are less than 10 who are software development services companies.  You can see our partner profile here.

In 2009, two more of our consultants became Microsoft MVPs: Eric Hexter and Jimmy Bogard.  Now we have 3 MVPs including myself.  You can see our MVP page here.