Headspring makes Inc. 500 and Microsoft Gold Partner

image It’s been two years since I joined Headspring Systems as employee #5, and we have grown by leaps and bounds.  We recently learned that we made #127 on Austin’s Inc. 500 list.  We are the 2nd or 4th fastest growing company in Austin depending on who you ask, and in the time period examined by Inc.com, we have grown 1,366.3%.  Here is the Inc.com company profile.


In that time, we’ve been able to hire some great people.  Readers of my blog have seen me link to them, and I’ve had the pleasure of writing a book (ASP.NET MVC in Action) with one of our Principal Consultants, Jimmy Bogard, and founding/working on MvcContrib with another one, Eric Hexter.

This year has been especially exciting as we’ve seen several of our sponsored open-source projects enjoy some pretty good adoption.  They are MvcContrib, AutoMapper, Solution Factory, and Tarantino.  You can see all the open-source projects we sponsor here.


image Early this year we also moved from Microsoft Certified Partner to Certified Gold Partner.  We have now joined just over 20 companies in the Austin area who are gold partners.  There are less than 10 who are software development services companies.  You can see our partner profile here.

In 2009, two more of our consultants became Microsoft MVPs: Eric Hexter and Jimmy Bogard.  Now we have 3 MVPs including myself.  You can see our MVP page here.