ASP.NET MVC Framework episode on DNRTV available

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For those of you interested in the ASP.NET MVC Framework, Carl Franklin and I recorded a DNRTV show where I demonstrate building a full vertical slice of the application.  I don’t dumb it down, and if you aren’t familiar with NUnit testing, automated builds, IoC containers, DI, interface-based programming, etc, you’ll probably have to do a bit of research to follow along, but my goal was to show techniques I’d use on a real client project, not just show a _demo_.  I hope you enjoy.

If you want to know more about the ASP.NET MVC Framework, look backwards in my blog and also at the following places:

DevTeach: Party with Palermo and speaking about ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate

DevTeach starts Monday in Vancouver, and after the pre-con we’re kicking it off with a blow-out Party with Palermo.  This is the official social event of the DevTeach conference, and it’s open to all conference attendees as well as the local community.  In short, if you are in Vancouver Monday night, come on out to Steamworks.  Click over here for all the details and to see the nearly 200 people who are already RSVPed and the sponsors who are helping to make it happen.

Tuesday afternoon I’ll be filling in for Ben Day in the architecture track and giving a talk outlining how NHibernate (an ORM) fits nicely into your application architecture without coupling too closely to the framework itself. (Tuesday 1:30pm)  Be sure to attend James KovacsThe Persistence Ignorant Domain Model” talk about NHibernate earlier Tuesday morning.

Wednesday morning be sure to come to my session on the ASP.NET MVC framework.  This framework is set to change the way so many developers make ASP.NET web applications.  It won’t be long before we’ll be able to say goodbye to Web Forms. . . except for all the legacy Web Forms code out there :-(.  Check out the DevTeach session schedule for more details on the talk.

And if you want more MVC goodness (and who wouldn’t), then you should go to Justice Gray’s session also on MVC architecture.  Our sessions will overlap a tad, but he’ll cover a lot of things that I won’t, so I highly recommend you hit both.