I first started working in custom software as a programmer in 1997.  According to Stack Overflow I’m in the top 7.5% in experience level, for what that’s worth.  It’s because of the huge influx of developers into the market (and that isn’t stopping any time soon).

I serve as the Chief Architect of Clear Measure, Inc., a software engineering firm that helps non-technology firms compete through custom software – we make their software and their software teams nimble, agile, and FAST, by implementing a devops engine that enables the in-house team to be effective.

Along with a few editions of ASP.NET MVC in Action in print and on Safari Online, I’ve also written for CoDe Magazine, spoken at Microsoft Tech Ed, Ignite, VSLive, and am the perpetrator of the Onion Architecture pattern.

I also love conversations that involve: Jesus, motorcycles (KTM), Boy Scouts, military deployments, Texas A&M, and camping.