Party with Palermo tonight: game plan (hashtag #pwp)

This post is for all those signed up to attend Party with Palermo tonight at the MVP Summit in Bellevue, WA.  If you haven’t already RSVP’d, you can do so on the website up until to arrive at the sign-in table.

Red Robin at Bellevue Square at 7PM

Because many of you have been to a Party with Palermo before, I wanted to give the rundown because this event is a bit different from previous ones.

  • Name badges are pre-printed.  Please find yours at the sign-in table.  Extra badges will be available if you are a walk-in.
  • All funds are going to the venue.
  • The bar tab will be under my name, “Jeffrey Palermo”.  When it runs out, it runs out.
  • When you are ready to order food, please select a table and pay individually – I don’t have enough funds for food. 
  • Please tip your server – it will make future events here smoother.
  • Red Robin normally closes at 10PM, but they will stay open a bit longer if you want to stay longer.

Finally, I would really like to thank my sponsors.  Without support with funding, Party with Palermo would be an unfunded meet-up without so much as a banner or a single free beer.

Corporate Sponsors:

Individual Sponsors:

Tim Rayburn, Sebastian Holst, Robin Shahan, Peter Kellner, Bonnie Berent, Jeffrey Hadfield, Deborah Kurata, Philip Japikse Bill Wolff, Rob Keiser, Brad Wilson, Andrew Nurse, James Bender,  Joe Healy, Glen Gordon, Kevin Wolf, Betsy Weber, Joacim Andersson, Jonathan Wanagel, Tobin Titus, Nikita Polyakov, Bradley Foley, Steve Andrews