Time Warner Digital Phone is broken, and so is their customer service

My home phone service hasn’t worked in about a month.  I have Time Warner Digital Phone service (or had).  I have spent much too much time on their automated phone system and talking with customer service reps.  I’ve done the diagnostics, scheduled the tech appointments and even had my wife sit at home all afternoon waiting for a guy who didn’t come when he said he would (and he had both of our cell phone numbers to call).

I run a business and have to provide customer service, just like the Time Warner folks.  A simple report from their system would show all the people who have registered a problem that has not been confirmed as resolved.   If they would just fix my phone, I’d be happy.  Instead, I have to find a time to sit on their phone system again for more of my day and schedule another tech appt where they will require me or my wife to be chained to the house for a half-day hoping they will show up or call the mobile phone.

By rendering proper customer service in the Austin, TX area, Time Warner could keep its customer happy instead of turning them into angry bloggers like this one.  I can’t wait to get the bill to pay for the month of service I haven’t received.