MvcContrib Release Candidate posted to CodePlex – now with more consolidated packaging

Eric Hexter has posted another MvcContrib Release Candidate to CodePlex.  The RC build is, and we are planning to release verion 1.0 shortly after the ASP.NET MVC Framework goes RTW.

Here is Eric’s description of the packages.


  • MvcContrib = this contains MvcContrib and MvcContrib.TestHelper assemblies.  
    • It also includes the Microsoft.Web.Mvc which is a MvcContrib dependency and Rhino.Mocks with is a dependency of the TestHelpers assembly.
  • MvcContrib.Extras = This is the full release of all MvcContrib dlls and dependencies.  We are still talking about moving some assemblies to the other package but for now this is the full release.
  • Change Log = This is the actual change log from our source control system.  We are pretty good and commenting every check in.  This file will be generated for each release so that you can see what has been modified since your last download.
  • Source = This is the full source code for the project.  

You can download the release here:

If you are on twitter you can follow @mvccontrib.  The publish scripts will automatically announce releases on twitter.