Rental Car Preferred Clubs And Mobile Internet

Today, on my trip to Minnesota to speak at the user group, I found myself with an Avis reservation but no car.  There was a 1-hour wait for cars, even with a reservation.  Preferred members were, however, instructed to get their cars at the Preferred desk.  Cars were coming in at the same rate that new Preferred members arrived.  Therefore, it seems that we plebeians with mere reservations would have to wait a considerable time for a car.

I did wait about 2.5 minutes before pulling out my laptop, tethering my BlackJack II, and getting on the Internet through the AT&T Cellular network.  I browsed to, signed up as a Preferred member and then promptly walked to the Preferred desk and chose one of the three cars waiting there.

I was then on my way.

MattN sent this great link:  Seinfeld loses his reservation: