INETA talk on ASP.NET MVC at the Minnesota VSTS User Group Feb 18th

I’m giving my “TDD, DI, and SoC with ASP.NET MVC” talk at an INETA user group talk next Wednesday.

If you are in Bloomington, MN on Feb 18th, stop by and say hi.


Date / Time:

Wednesday, February 18 @ 5pm


TDD, DI, and SoC with ASP.NET MVC


Spelled out, it is test-driven development, dependency injection, and separation of concerns with Active Server Pages .Net Model View Controller. This talk will dive into how to design a presentation layer using ASP.NET MVC.

In today’s industry, TDD, DI, and SoC are proven concepts that lead to more maintainable applications. Along with demonstrating how to use these techniques with ASP.NET MVC, we will discuss just what concerns should be separated. This talk provides a unique perspective on separation of concerns and uses TDD and DI to make it happen. MvcContrib is used in all the demos.


Jeffrey Palermo – Headspring Systems

Jeffrey Palermo is a software management consultant and the CTO of Headspring Systems flying in for an in-person presentation from Austin, TX. Jeffrey specializes in Agile coaching and helps companies double the productivity of software teams. Jeffrey is an MCSD.Net, Microsoft MVP, Certified Scrummaster, Austin .Net User Group leader, INETA speaker, Christian, husband, father, motorcyclist, Eagle Scout, U.S. Army Veteran, and Texas A&M University graduate.

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