Two more people to pay attention to

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Jimmy Bogard:  Jimmy works for me at Headspring Systems as a senior consultant.  He brings quite a bit of agile knowledge to the table, and he is a leader in the Austin community.  He presented at the last Austin Code Camp, and he is currently leading a book club on Eric Evans’ Domain-Driven Design book.  He is a committer on the NBehave project, and I could go on.  Check out his latest post about letting the customer drive the iteration demo.

Eric Hexter Eric Hexter is an ASP.NET expert and really understands how to make a web application scale.  Eric and I co-founded the MvcContrib project together, and he is responsible for most of the configuration management including the build and the automated publishing of releases.  Eric also helps lead the Austin .Net User Group as one of the three directors, and he is responsible for the execution of the 2007 Austin Code Camp.