Should I close the cli_dev (altnetconf) Yahoo group?

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I have set up a poll on the cli_dev yahoo group here:

I feel an obligation to follow up on this issue since I am the group owner on record with Yahoo.

Here is a message I sent to the group just in case you no longer track the list formerly known as “altnetconf”:


I am the yahoo owner of this list. I originally grabbed it so that
we’d have a place for discussion after the October AltNetConf. I
deferred to David Laribee and Scott Bellware when it came to leading
and fostering the Alt.Net community.
It appears now that there are other lists where the Alt.Net dialog is
I have created a poll:
Please let me know opinions. It seems that spammers are auto-creating
accounts, and the relevant discussion here is very sparse.
If the poll results in a “yes” answer, I’ll take down this list.


I believe that it’s possible to shut down the list while keeping the history searchable, but that’s another decision to be made:  Keep the history or trash it?