CodeCampServer OSS project call for participation

Officially announcing a new open-source project, CodeCampServer.  As usual, you can subscribe to my RSS feed to keep up-to-date with more information about this here:  The mission of the first release is to provide an ASP.NET MVC Framework solution that can serve as the CodeCamp website for a user group.  The project will be able to track and manage multiple conferences for a single user group.  This project is a consumer of the MvcContrib project. 

At this point, we have a project workspace on GoogleCode, and we have a backlog.  Feel free to participate in the project’s discussion list and suggest stories.  We’ll add them to the backlog and prioritize appropriately.  We are intentionally focusing the release 1 in order to get some usable software out quickly.  We will be maintaining a healthy code base with full NUnit test coverage.  You will be able to track the project’s CI with CCTray by referencing the CCNet server on soon (after I set it up).  We already have the NAnt automated build in place, but the domain isn’t set up yet.

Ben Scheirman is one of the lead developers on the project, and I’m serving as project coordinator and developer.  Eric Hexter has set up the CCNet build.  The easiest way to contribute is to grab a high-priority story off the backlog, communicate on the discussion list that you want to work on it, and then work toward submitting a patch.  If you are interested in becoming a committer, then please start by committing patches so we can get to know each other.

When you link to the project, please link to