MvcContrib open source project call for participation

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As you’ve read in plenty of other places by now, the CTP of the ASP.NET Extensions is now available for downloadHere is a direct link.

Eric Hexter and I have started an open source project to contribute to and extend the ASP.NET MVC Framework.  There are things that Microsoft is not going to bundle with the official release (like IoC container support for Windsor, StructureMap, Spring.Net, etc), so the goal of this project is to add other useful features as determined by the community.


Go to  There are links to the Subversion trunk for the project, and there is an issues list we are using for a backlog.  Anyone logged into CodePlex can contribute an idea to the backlog (issues list), and anyone can upload a patch for acceptance.  We’re pretty open to patches, but the one strict requirement is that all code submitted must come with full NUnit test coverage and be submitted as a patch file compatible with TortoiseSVN.

We’ll also need to provide documentation and samples for how to use the features contributed to MvcContrib, so even if you don’t want to contribute code, we could also use samples contributed.