Headspring advanced .Net developer training available in Austin, TX (by yours truly)

.NET Boot Camp: From Journeyman to Master Series

This course will take competent .NET software developers and propel them towards becoming a master developer.

January 30, January 31, and February 1
From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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This advanced curriculum will cover everything involved in developing software in .NET, from setting up a new project and defining the architecture to implementing functionality in a loosely-coupled and testable manner. We will immerse ourselves in domain-driven design, test-driven development, design patterns, object-relational mapping, inversion of control (IoC), pair programming, automated builds, and continuous integration (CI). Students will discover which practices cause projects to fail and which practices help projects succeed. The course will include a strong focus on solid principles and values that can be applied to any .NET project. With a solid understanding of Agile values and object-oriented programming, students will emerge from the training with a refocused view on software development and the tools to immediately bring value back to their companies. All developers will take back working code developed during the course using the techniques and practices taught.

Call HeadspringJeffrey Palermo is the CTO of Headspring Systems. He specializes in doubling the productivity of software teams by introducing solid principles, values, and discipline. Along with holding the MCSD.NET certification and Solutions Architect MVP award, he also runs the Austin .NET User Group, is a board member of AgileAustin, and is a speaker on the INETA Speakers’ Bureau. He is a graduate from Texas A&M University, an Eagle Scout, and an Iraq war veteran.

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If you are looking for a course to learn more about .Net itself, I highly recommend JP Boodhoo’s course in College Station, TX at the beginning of January.   The above course assumes a strong understanding of .Net and is intended to take someone already well-versed with .Net and bring in the concepts and practices that will take them to the next level.