Feedback requested: Proposed Code Camp talk: Fundamentals of modern programming – level 200

On May 5th (Cinco de Mayo, for those of you like me who live in a State that was once a part of Mexico), ADNUG is holding its second Code Camp.  I’ll be giving a talk entitled Fundamentals of modern programming.  Here is the abstract:

Join C# MVP Jeffrey Palermo for a talk that gets back to the basics of programming with .Net in the 21st century.  This talk will not venture into Test-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design, O/R Mapping or other recent advances in programming.  Instead, I’ll focus on fundamentals that few colleges or training courses are equipped to cover.  Some fundamentals include the actual differences between procedural programs, object-oriented programs as well as how to leverage both for service-oriented programs.  Code presented herein will be basic and geared toward illustrating specific fundamentals.  An example presented will be what a class should look like and how to decide when to create a class.  If you feel a bit rusty on your fundamentals or if you’d just like a refresher course, this talk is for you.


Now, a question for you, my handful of readers:  What should my outline look like?  I have a rough one, but I would love to get some feedback on a subtopic that you think should not be missed.  This talk is geared toward the basics of programming for those who already “know” how to program but skimmed over the fundamentals. 

Another way to approach it is to think if you were giving the talk, or if you were in the audience.  What is a topic that absolutely should be covered?  Please leave comments.