Aggregating Turk: My new link blog (sort of) – level ___

Many folks have link blogs or link posts, so I’ve decided to start contributing to the aggregation of interesting information, but I’m going to do it in a different way.  I’ll be using Google Reader to _share_ the posts I find interesting.

My link blog is here:

This is just a page that pulls in the posts I find interesting.  It also comes with a feed, so if you’d like to subscribe, add this feed:



As I find things, I’ll “share” them, and they will appear in this aggregated feed.  Feel free to use me to scour information on the web and provide a distilled down version of my interest segment.  You can probably find out a lot about me by seeing what I find interesting.  You will see a lot about Agile development, how to run a software team, OO programming, etc.