You might have a legacy enterprise application if . . . – level 000

You might have a legacy enterprise application if . . .

  • You can’t figure out which copy of the source code is the one deployed to production.
    • You find more than one source code repositories with the old shipping application.  Which one is the real one?  Every developer who worked on the project has left the company.
  • You modify the code and another system goes down.
    • Enterprise applications are notorious for being very interdependent.  You had no idea that this old application was making a file drop to another server in the Idaho office, and now I/T in Idaho is screaming that their product prices are 10 days old!
  • User workarounds for bugs in the application are published in a “user manual”
    • Whatever you do, don’t submit more than one request at a time!  The server will lock up and have to be rebooted.
  • There is a pager dedicated to support for the application.
    • Enough said.