Planning Party with Palermo 2006 @ Tech Ed – level 000

Last year’s Party with Palermo was a big success, and  you can read about it here:

I’m organizing Party with Palermo 2006 that will be the evening of June
10.  Tech Ed starts bright and early June 11th, so make sure to
book your plane so that you arrive by noon so you have time to settle

I’m currently open for ideas on location.  My plan is to organize
a supper location where we can retire to a bar later and hang out until
well after midnight (at which time, at least a few folks will be up for
a snack at the local IHOP).


  • Get the word out:  link to this post.  Advertise.
  • If you are familiar with Boston, suggest a venue that would work
    for a large group of people both for supper and hanging out at the bar
  • RSVP:  Let me know if you are planning to attend.  I need numbers so I can plan the location accordingly.