EZWeb 1.2 downloads going strong – feedback is appreciated – level 000

Previously, I posted about the exciting release of EZWeb 1.2.  This is my personal project that I’ve been working on for 2 years now.  Many, many of you have downloaded it.  I’d like to get some feedback.  How many actually got it running (which should be super easy), and what did you think?

Please provide feedback either through a comment on this post, or through the contact form on my blog.

I do have plans to release a .Net 2.0 version (in fact I’ve already started).  If you have a super suggestion, please give it to me, and it may make the 2.0 release.  I will continue to improve usability as well as the programmer extension API.  I’ll have to get some programmer documentation together for the 2.0 release.