EZWeb v1.2 now released!!! Go download.

I’ve finally released my next version of EZWeb.  You can download it from the GotDotNet workspace.  EZWeb is a website management system.  Drop it into IIS, set the NTFS permissions to the ASPNET (or NETWORK SERVICE) account, and you can immediately begin to grow a website, or create an account for your mother and let her do it (complete with image and file upload).

EZWeb is the simplest website management system.  No database is required at all.  All changes can be done from the browser.   EZWeb is not a portal framework, and doesn’t compete with DNN.  EZWeb allows websites to be set up and grown “eazily”.  You will start with one page, and you can grow the website, or you can create many users and delegate parts of the website they can grow.

This is a perfect system for user group websites.  Get information up quickly, and post ppt slides after events.  Create an account for each UG member and let them have a personal section.

EZWeb is free for non-profit use.  I encourage everyone to download it and give it a whirl.  I started this project in 2003 when I was deployed to Iraq.  It’s come a long way since then, and I already have a long list of improvements, so please give me your feedback and feature-requests.

Because “plugins” are just ASP.NET controls, any control can be loaded and used with EZWeb.  I’ll be posting answers to questions as they come.