Using Server 2003 on my development workstation – level 200

I’m currently finishing the installation of Windows Server 2003 on my development workstation.  I’ve heard and agree with the argument that you should develop with the OS on which your code will be running.  For me, it’s ASP.NET.  Especially with the bug in the XP large object heap, I’ve decided to make the switch.  We’ll see how it goes.  I like to profile my code, so I feel a little better doing performance testing on a server OS.  A limiting factor is that not all the software I use is supported on Server 2003, but so far all of it works.  For instance, MS Virtual PC 2004 isn’t supported, but it works fine.  I maintain in image of XP Pro that is the minimum requirements for user workstations, so I can test the UI with that.  All the code, however, will run on my server OS.  I’ve heard arguments for and against this approach, so we’ll see how it goes.  I can always fall back onto Windows XP if I have to.  If any readers have experience developing on a server OS (successes or failures), I’d like to read the comments.  I’ve heard several opinions, but none of the opinions against this method come from actually trying it.  Maybe in a few months I’ll post a follow-up article on how it is going.