EZWeb Beta Version 0.9 Released! – level 200

I’m am so excited.  I have released version 0.9 of my EZWeb framework on GotDotNet.  Major beta release.  I’ve made content editing part of page administration.  Fixed many bugs.  Created an extendable user framework.  Updgraded to FreeTextBox 2.0.6.  Added file and image upload feature.  Added SqlFactory class wrapper of the MS Data Access application block for data access in you application.  It’s almost worthy of being used as an application framework in a real project.  My next release will be version 1.0 stable release.  Please offer feedback.  I have not included more templates because everyone will want to make their own site look and feel anyway. 

EZWeb works out of the box.  Set up a virtual directory, give aspnet user write permission to it, and pull it up in the browser.  You can start creating your website right away.  Extend it with your own user by using ClientUserSample.cs as a guide and inheriting WebPrincipal.  Then change web.config to refer to your assembly for the user class.

This is an ASP.NET VS.NET 2003 project in C#.