EZWeb Root application bug

In response to comment http://dotnetjunkies.com/WebLog/jpalermo/archive/2004/05/13/13531.aspx#13805:

I have logged one bug regarding the EZWeb Beta 0.5 on the GotDotNet workspace, and it’s relating to the templates that I have included not rendering correcting when running as a root web.  When in a virtual directory, all is well, but when running as root web, the .css and images don’t render correctly.  This is a problem with the sample template that I included.  I will fix the template along with some other things and have another release.  I welcome input and contributions of plugins and templates.  One thing that would be really cool is to make DotNetNuke an EZWeb plugin so any EZWeb user could choose “portal” as part of their site.