EZWeb Beta 0.51 Released on GotDotNet!!!

Go to the EZWeb workspace and download the latest release of my EZWeb application framework.  As I post, 63 people downloaded the first release.  I am pleased that there is interest in this project.  I fixed a bug involving the use of Request.ApplicationPath. 

If I ran EZWeb in a virtual directory, Request.ApplicationPath would return “/ezweb”, but if I ran it as the root web, it would return “/”.  This is inconsistent, so I created a property on my base page called “AppPath” where I correctly determine the path of the application wherever it happens to run.  I used Page.ResolveUrl(”~/”), and this always gives me the correct application path. 

If you don’t already have your own framework for web applications, EZWeb is a great place to start.  If you are just looking for a website that will run itself and will be easy to edit, EZWeb is also for you. 

If you have implemented EZWeb on a public website, send me the URL, so I can check it out!!!