.NET DevOps Bootcamp

Architect + Lead Engineer Hands-On 2-Day Immersion hosted by ME! Jeffrey Palermo!

Is simplifying your software development and processes something that you’d like to see happen in your organization?
If so, this class was made with you and your team in mind!   

Join me!
  .NET DevOps Bootcamp: Architect & Lead Engineer Hands-On Immersion 
Hosted by Jeffrey Palermo
January 16th-17th
Austin, TX

I’m excited to be able to offer this 2-Day training. Walking you through the simple 7 key steps to simplify your .NET DevOps world where I simplify the development and deployment process – making it applicable to your every day.   

Attendees will learn concepts, apply the learning and also implement the latest DevOps tools for Microsoft-based applications, including Azure DevOps Services, Git, Azure Pipelines, Azure PaaS environments, and Octopus Deploy.  

You’ll also get: