Let’s build some software together. I’m hiring senior devs

Job listings are always difficult.  Ok, if you want to see them, you can go here.


We are gearing up another team for an exciting new software project.  Working with some industry veterans, we are building a new product for a financial-sector company.  We are coming on board as their software engineering department providing everything from the architecture, development, QA, and ongoing operations, maintenance, and support.

The technology platform is great, too.  This system is going to have some of everything: ASP.NET MVC, some SPA, some NServiceBus, some SQL Server, some BI/big data, plenty of Azure, and rock-solid SCM/continuous delivery practices built on a bed rock of test automation.

You’ll work co-located in Austin at Clear Measure headquarters in Plaza 7000, a great, class A office building with blazing-fast internet, as many computer monitors as you want, and the latest Windows 8 machines.  Ok, big company benefits, too (United Healthcare, 401k, training, etc, etc – we cover 100% health/dental/vision for employee & small premium for family)

This is one of the projects that I’ll be personally setting in motion, so let’s work on the architecture together.  Give me a comment, email at jeffrey [at clear-measure.com.  Maybe you are good where you are, but this is a competitive job market.  If you recommend & introduce me to someone I hire, I will pay you $1,000!!

Disclaimer: In Austin, US citizen