Team Foundation Service my new default GIT repository

imageGIT works great with the new Team Foundation Service (TFSvc?).  I’m an old school Tortoise guy (SVN, Hg, GIT), but I had to laugh at the little branding touch they through in when doing a pull.

Notice the Visual Studio logo in ASCII art.  I’ve actually been using it for some time, but I hadn’t notice that until today.

The good news is that this is just GIT.  Not some Microsoft GIT build, but it’s regular old GIT hosted for me and integrated with the other TFS features like work items, story boards, etc.  All I have to have is Microsoft accounts for my team members, and it all works.  We have three systems hosted here now, both code and work tracking.  One is an HTML5 smart client, one is a C++ system including some MFC as well as driver code, and the third is an ASP.NET Web API system with NServiceBus back end.  In short, it doesn’t matter.  It’s just GIT.

I do like the work item tracking at the story level and at the task level.  And the visualization works well also.


The stories are the rows on the left, and the sticky notes are the tasks that are what needs to be done for this story to be completed.

In short, they did a good job with Team Foundation Service.