I am speaking at the Austin Cloud User Group on May 24, 2011 (Tuesday)

Topic: How To Do Business in the Cloud: A Technical Perspective

If you’d like to come, RSVP here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1707145117

How Clear Measure does business with the cloud.

AGENDA (from website):

6:30-8:00 Jeffrey Palermo (COO, @jeffreypalermo), Kevin Hurwitz (Chief Architect), Pedro Reys (Consultant, @pedroreys) will present on How To Do Business in the Cloud: A Technical Perspective

Abstract:  The cloud is very sexy.  Business is boring..  This presentation will cover how:

  1. Every company department operates in the cloud
  2. The developers build and test software in the cloud
  3. We manage the consulting practice in the cloud.

We use at least eight different cloud providers, and we will share the uses and strengths of each.  Because each of our projects is a custom solution for clients of various industries, we almost always never do the same thing twice.  This is designed to be an interactive presentation, so ask questions at any time.  We are happy to share our experience with cloud offerings, what has worked, and what turned out to be a resounding “fail”.  Hopefully our findings will help you and your company not fail.

Bios:Jeffrey Palermo, Chief Operating Officer, will share the boring business services that streamline the management of the software consulting company.  Chief Architect, Kevin Hurwitz will share the technical side, and Consultant, Pedro Reys, will share how this structure enables custom software systems to be easily developed, tested, and deployed.