Adobe AIR web browser with Flex 4.1 sample application available

At Headspring, we have to work with a variety of technologies.  While our greatest strength is .Net, all technologies and platforms are on the table while serving clients.  In the past we have worked with SAP, Windows, Linux, PHP, ADOBE Flash/Flex, CRMs, Java, Ruby, etc.

Being a “.Net” shop isn’t really a workable solution for a company looking to serve customers while meeting all of their needs.

One technology that compliments .Net really well is Flash built with the Flex framework.

Flex 4 was release in March of 2010, and 4.1 was released this summer.  Similar to Silverlight, one can build data-driven interactive applications that interact with any back-end server, such as an ASP.NET application.

image If you would like to see how an Adobe Flex app is put together, you can take a look at a sample we have available for download.

It is a simple, non-fully-featured web browser (using an embedded HTML control).  You can get the application directly with this link.  All the files are text, but you do need Adobe Flash Builder to open up the project correctly.  Flash Builder is a custom-configured Eclipse application, so it is running Java.


Without a doubt, new programmer we bring on board are versed in some, but not all of the technologies we might have to use on client projects (and the list of technologies keeps on changing and growing).  When hiring, I’m not so concerned about what technologies programmers are an “expert” in as their aptitude for learning.  In a consulting company, learning the the ticket to the game.