Headspring training: What would you like to see?

Since January of 2008, Headspring has offered small, very advanced boot camp trainings.  These have been 3 days long and very fast-paced.  Everyone who has come through these training classes has proclaimed that they are the best organized courses they have ever taken.  Our approach to any of the boot camps is to team the practices that we employ while creating software for our clients.

We have an ASP.NET MVC Boot Camp coming up on 5/26 as well as an Agile Boot Camp on 5/19.

First and foremost, Headspring does deliverable-based project work.  We don’t do staff-augmentation, and we don’t sell our curriculum to training companies (mostly because we are always improving it).  These classes teach what we have learned regarding technologies and development practices via software projects with client.  Regarding ASP.NET MVC, four of our employees are authors on a book by Manning Publications on the topic.

If you would like to know more about our worldview of software and consulting, you can read our whitepapers, which are available via our website at http://headspring.com

Lastly, I ask, what would you like to see from Headspring to help you be better at your job?  I’m mostly asking programmers and people who manage programmers here.  We try to be an open book regarding our methods, so sharing is important.  There are many technologies and methods in which we are experts.  What offerings would you take part in?  Specifically, what offerings would you or your company be willing to invest in (with dollars)?  Let me know, and I’ll see what I can do to make them available.