Headspring continues to hire: we will train contract-to-hire positions

Refer to position details: http://www.headspringsystems.com/careers/senior-software-engineer/

Headspring is always looking for good people, and we have continued to expand throughout the downturn in the economy.  Over 2009, I increased our development staff 13%, and already in 2010, it has increased 11% just in the first two months.  We are continuing to grow, and it doesn’t look like it is slowing down.

There are two model which work very well:

  1. Contract-to-hire:  This is when a programmer very confident in his capabilities works on a contractor basis for a project while we both decide if it is a long-term fit.  Some individuals decide they like contracting and continue in that model.
  2. Full-time employment w/ 90-day trial:  This is when a programmer definitely wants full-time work including top-notch benefits.  At about 90 days, we reevaluate the fit.  We or the employee can then decide to enter into a more permanent employment agreement.

I am currently looking for programmer who fit into either category.  Please email seniorsoftwareengineers@headspringsystems.com if you are interested.  Refer to http://www.headspringsystems.com/careers/senior-software-engineer/ for the items to include in the email.  Don’t let the email address fool you.  If you are aspiring to improve yourself but are not at the senior level, we want to speak with you as well.  Smart people are hard to find.  I can train you up, but I can’t make you smarter.  You have to bring that to the table by yourself.

Most companies who hire contract-to-hire won’t train them.  We are different.  Anyone who does any work for us represents us.  I believe that it is critical to our reputation that we equip our people with the tools and knowledge to succeed in any project.  We are very leading-edge, and we use the best tools the industry has available.  This is different from being “bleeding-edge”.  I do not believe in bleeding.  We will adopt those items which have passed the bleeding stage and have proven their value.

It takes several weeks to make it through our screening process, so please understand the lead time.  Identifying the right people is something I take very serious.