Windows 7 brings new life to devices that don’t have Vista drivers

MiniVox USB SpeakerphoneBack in 2005, I purchased an mVox 100 (mv100).  This device worked great on Windows XP, and I used it in various VOIP application.  Really great USB speakerphone.  It’s tiny, also, and I kept it tucked in my back for the last 5 years.

When I upgraded my computer to Windows Vista, I was rather disappointed that this useful little device no longer worked.

I could not find any Vista drivers.  From what I gleaned from forums, it relied on usbaudio.sys, which was overhauled in Windows Vista.  Even though I couldn’t use the device, it stayed in my computer bag for 2 years!  I switched computer bags today and uncovered this little speakerphone.  I decided to give it a shot on my Windows 7 computer.  Lo and behold, it worked!  No driver install.  I plugged it in, it detected it, and registered both the built-in microphone and sound card/speaker.  I happened to have Skype open, and Skype immediately registered the device as the microphone and speaker.  Bottom line:  I am impressed by Windows 7 once again!

image My mobile telephony kit now contains this mVox 100 USB speakerphone as well as my trusty Logitech notebook headset.