Headspring MVC Boot Camp review

Jimmy Bogard taught the last installment of Headspring’s ASP.NET MVC Boot Camp training class last week.  Charlie Solomon wrote a thorough review of the class.  It was a very interesting read.  Here is an excerpt:

“Great training, I would highly recommend anything these guys offer. I enjoy a fast pace, hands on (lots of programming exercises) style of training, and that’s what I got. Jimmy is a good teacher… I already knew that, since I’ve been reading his blog for the past year or so and I’ve picked up a lot a good pointers to things that help me in my work. He is also a good communicator teaching in front of a room full of diverse programmers. If you are new to MVC like I am, this course is great for introducing concepts that may be new to web forms programmers… but like the MVC book that Jimmy co-authored, the class goes way beyond the introduction by showing how they leverage some of the features in MVC (ActionFilters and ResultFilters, HtmlTemplates, Model binding and validation…) to build applications quickly that are easier to maintain. We used the release candidate of ASP.Net MVC 2 in class.”