Competing on the unpopular

As an executive of a company on the Inc 500 list, I’m getting lots of sales calls from people wanting to supply me with programmers.  Most often, they want to supply me with programmers who are not in Austin, TX.  Some are in other countries and some are just is different places.  This got us thinking a bit about why people in Austin use Headspring.  We have one location, and we serve clients in one region.  People in Austin choose Headspring because we are real people working out of their offices.  Real faces.  Real relationships.  Never mind the rigorous extreme programming practices that yield insane levels of quality.

Going forward, we are taking a stand.  We are proclaiming from our home page: “No Offshoring”.  That’s what we are about.  If you call Headspring, you know what you are getting.  Here is a clip from the home page.