Upgrade TortoiseSVN, switch shortcut key for OK

Since this caught me a little by surprise, it probably will catch someone else.  Here’s a tip:  The shortcut key for the “OK” button is:



When on the commit dialog, I often only use the keyboard.  I try to stay away from the mouse as much as possible.  I type the commit message, toggle ALT+A for selecting all files that were chanted (to get non-versioned files as well), and then I was so used to hitting ALT+O because the “O” in “OK” was a hot letter. 

I upgraded to TortoiseSVN 1.6.2, and ALT+O didn’t work anymore.  It may have been in the release notes, who knows, but I found out, quite by accident that CTRL+ENTER keeps my fingers on the keyboard.  I’m sure one of you commenting will let me know that this is some old, universally-known truth, but it’s news to me.  In case it helps someone else, here it is. . . and here is the version of TortoiseSVN I’m on now.