Monthly Afternoon Workshops – topics, please (free Headspring events)

This post is an example of free afternoon workshops that we are putting on from Headspring Systems.  This is example of how we find it valuable to give back to the local community here in Austin, TX.

My plans for the free afternoon workshops are to hold one per month.  Philip Wheat, from Microsoft, has been extremely supportive.  He is helping us book the classroom at the Microsoft office so that these can continue on a regular basis.  These events are completely free, and all 4 hours will be used for teaching the topic.  No sales pitches, just learning.

We have scheduled two of these workshops on the topic of ASP.NET MVC.  What I need to find out from you folks, who live in or are willing to travel to Austin, is what topics should be on the calendar.  For instance, ASP.NET MVC is hot, and we have specific expertise on the topic.  As the CTO of Headspring, I am tapping into many of the consultants to provide the topics that are most relevant. 

Some of the topics that have been requested are:

  • NHibernate
  • Inversion of Control (IoC)
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Automated Builds

I need some help from you.  Are any of these topics interesting?  Are there other topics that would be good workshop topics?  Should the workshops be confined to programming topics or should we move into software management topics?  Please leave a comment telling me what you think.  This is one avenue where we are giving back to the community, and I want to ensure it has the biggest impact possible.