MvcContrib v1.0 Released! Download now

Now that the ASP.NET MVC Framework is released, it’s time to release MvcContrib as version 1.0Download it here.

MvcContrib started very shortly after the first CTP was released for the ASP.NET MVC Framework.  Since then, lots of folks have contributed LOTS of patches to the project, and there are over 20,000 hits on Google.  Special thanks to the committers who have worked very hard accepting patches and contributing functionality.  Recently, we have reorganized MvcContrib so that there are two main usage options:

  1. Just MvcContrib.dll – get the core and most commonly used features.
  2. MvcContrib.Extras – get all the controller factories and view engines and everything else.  Warning – this comes with dependencies to many other libraries.

I want to especially thank Eric Hexter and Jeremy Skinner.  I co-founded MvcContrib with Eric Hexter, but Eric has done much more work on it than I have.  He is responsible for all the nice build and release automation as well as oversight.  Jeremy Skinner has contributed lots of code, but more importantly, he has the most commits because he watches the patches like a hawk!  I can’t give these guys enough credit!

I’m excited to announce (with Eric) version 1.0 of MvcContrib.