New Agile Boot Camp Dates (March 11-13)

We have new dates for the Agile Boot Camp part 1 and part 2.  If you are interested in raising your agile team’s development to the next level, give us a call. 

You can sign up online or over the phone (or with a purchase order). 

Below is some of the information about just the part 1 class.  And yes, we cover all of it in 3 days.  That’s why it’s called a Boot Camp.  If these dates don’t work for you, there are more.



Part I Agile Boot Camp™ Topics:

  • object oriented programming
  • SOLID principles
  • design patterns
  • dependency injection
  • team design on whiteboard
  • IDE tools and quickly navigating a codebase
  • test driven development
  • mocking
  • pair programming
  • refactoring
  • pain driven development
  • domain driven design
  • ORM
  • contributing to open source projects
  • harnessing the community for extreme growth and continuous learning
  • foundations of Agile

What will I need to do to prepare for the training?

You’ve learned the .NET Framework – now learn the principles and tools to use it effectively. This intermediate curriculum will lead developers to work-changing techniques and create momentum towards continuous improvement in an ever-changing field. With a focus on object orientation and software engineering practices refined in real projects, students will discover principles and patterns to manage software complexity. By the end of the course students will have eliminated a reliance on leaky-abstraction APIs by

  • understanding software design concepts and principles
  • understanding and practicing test-driven development
  • practicing working in an effective team
  • implementing designs using object oriented techniques and design patterns
  • understanding object-relational mapping
  • drive future growth through exposure to advanced topics

Day 1

getting started

  • lab 1: check out the project and run a unit test
  • module: Intro
  • module: TDD basics
  • lab 2: writing your first failing unit test
  • lab 3: writing the code that makes it pass
  • demo: working with resharper


object oriented programming

  • module: SOLID
  • lab 4: interfaces, facade
  • lab 5a: strategy pattern
  • lab 5b: command pattern
  • extra curricular lab: playing with structuremap

Day 2

team design & advanced tdd

  • quick mini-lab involving structuremap
  • module: dependency injection / ioc
  • lab6: configuring structuremap
  • demo: testing with mock objects
  • lab7: rhino mocks
  • team design on whiteboard


refactoring & pair programming

  • lab8: more tests, enumeration base class, specification pattern, .NET 3.5 feature in the code
  • module: refactoring
  • demo: refactoring legacy code
  • lab 9: pair tasks involving refactoring
  • extra curricular: student-driven discussion and demo

Day 3

morning session

  • lab 10: “refactor this” challenge
  • module: DDD basics, terminology
  • lab 11: repositories, using provided nhibernate stuff (HSB, DTB, etc.), specification pattern
  • module: foundations of Agile



  • module: nhibernate
  • demo: querying nhibernate
  • lab 12: downloading source, creating patch for open source project
  • student-driven discussion, demos