Party with Palermo: Alt.Net/MVP Summit Edition (save the date)

The next Party with Palermo is on the calendar!  This event will be sandwiched between the Alt.Net Seattle 2009 conference and Microsoft’s MVP Summit.  If you are planning on attending either conference, or if you will be in the area on March 1, 2009, plan on stopping by for some appetizers, beer, and a good time with other software folks.  The party will be at 7PM.

Party with Palermo has become a very popular event, and we have grown so much that it is prudent to RSVP so that we know the necessary capacity for the venue.  As some of you know, the last Party with Palermo, in Los Angeles for the PDC, had 380 people RSVPed.  Over 500 people actually showed up, and the bar was overwhelmed.  We’re taking measures to get a better RSVP count so that we can appropriately plan.  One of these measures is a professional contact list and newsletter.  If you would like to receive information about Party with Palermo as soon as it is available, please subscribe to the Party with Palermo newsletter. 

The event website will go live two weeks.  Until then, subscribe to the newsletter, book your travel plans, and tell your friends!  Also, if you have been to a previous Party with Palermo, please leave a comment with what you liked most about the event.