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Blackbelt configuration for new projects
Palermo – ARC439

Any architect knows the challenges of setting up
configuration management for a new project. Architecture isn’t just for the
application. The manner in which source control, dependencies, and the Visual
Studio solution is set up can have profound impacts on the productivity of the
team. In this session, we’ll set up a source control repository, a VS.Net
solution and a build script to enable a team to move quickly on the project.
We’ll used advanced techniques to reduce friction while working with the code
base on a day-to-day basis.



ASP.NET MVC Framework Submersion
Jeffrey Palermo –

The move from ASP 3.0 to ASP.Net was a very dramatic move, and it
forced developers to learn a completely new way for building web applications on
Windows servers. From Web projects with v1.1 to websites in v2.0 and then web
application projects in v2.0+ , working with ASP.Net can be a more difficult
than necessary due to viewstate, postbacks and the control lifecycle for
post-back eventing. Microsoft is providing an extension to ASP.NET to provide an
easy way to implement the Model-View-Controller pattern using ASPX as a view
engine (templating). With all presentation logic residing in the Controller, the
View (ASPX) is left to concentrate on what it does best: rendering html. This
new MVC framework is pluggable and testable and even allows for Controller
classes to be created with your IoC container of choice. This presentation will
include a primer on programming with the MVC pattern and will also cover unit
testing controllers and creating controllers that use dependency injection.