Where you can find me this spring

MVP Summit 2008:  Tomorrow I pray to God that American Airlines doesn’t cancel my direct flight from Austin to Seattle for the 2008 MVP Summit where I will host another Party with Palermo.  As of this morning, over 220 have RSVPed for the party on April 13th at 7PM.  Eat supper before you come because the finger food will go fast!!  If you haven’t RSVPed, please do so now so I have the best count possible.

I’m also facilitating an open space session on Tuesday afternoon of the MVP Summit.  My accepted topic is:  “Why cheap developers are expensive and the unspoken quality variable.”

ALT.NET Seattle:  Next Friday and Saturday, I’ll be attending the ALT.NET Conference in Seattle.  My goal will be to keep my mouth shut and absorb ideas from folks I don’t have the benefit of being in constant contact.

Agile Boot Camp:  April 3 – May 1, I’ll be teaching another Agile Boot Camp, an agile developer training class put on by Headspring Systems.  There are still a few spots available.  Mike Palermo blogged about his experience at the March training.

DevTeach Toronto: May 12th through 16th, I’ll be speaking at DevTeach as well as throwing another Party with Palermo on the first day of the conference.  The RSVP site will go up right after the MVP Summit PwP.  I’ll be speaking on software configuration management and the ASP.NET MVC Framework.

Austin Code Camp 2008:  If I get back from DevTeach in time, I’ll drop in to the Austin Code Camp hosted by the Austin .Net User Group.  I won’t be speaking since I might not be back in time.

AgileAustin Open Space:  I’m on the board of directors of the AgileAustin group, and we are holding our first conference on May 30, 31, and June1.  It’s in Austin, TX, and you can see the website here.

TechEd 2008 Developers:  Yes, I’ll be throwing the biggest Party with Palermo of the year at TechEd 2008 Developers.  Last year saw 435 in attendance, so we’ll see if we can break the fire code this year!  I have not set up the registration site yet, but it will go on www.partywithpalermo.com.  If you are interested in sponsoring this blowout bash, contact me at any time.  It’s going to be huge!

I’m also speaking at TechEd Devs.  Unfortunately, Doug Seven cancelled by Blackbelt Software Configuration Management breakout session in the development practices track because I don’t use Team System.  I’m giving two talks in the Architecture track on architectural concerns of 1) the ASP.NET MVC Framework and 2) Object-Relational Mappers with examples using NHibernate.  See the list of sessions here.  There are 20 architecture track breakout sessions, so it’s easy to find my 2.

I’m also hosting a Birds of a Feather session of Agile Development with .Net.

I’m looking forward to the summer when things settle down a bit so that I can devote more time to my book, ASP.NET MVC in Action with Manning.

As always, you can subscribe to my feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/jeffreypalermo