Agile Boot Camp for .Net developers: April 30-May 2 (spots available)

On April 30th, 2008, I’ll be teaching the 3rd class of the Agile Boot Camp.  This is an advanced course for .Net developers.  Students will learn about Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming and will practice working as an agile team to extend an enterprise application using extreme programming engineering practices.

Go to to get more details and to sign up.  Once it’s full, it’s full.  The course is also listed on the AgileAlliance events page.

Here is what some of the past students are saying:

“This was the best technical training course I’ve been to, period. No fluff here. The course was packed with information and best practices that I could start implementing immediately when I got back to work on Monday.”
Brad Mellen-Crandell
Rapidparts Inc.

“Jeff is an excellent teacher and practitioner of Agile principles and methods. His integration of open source tools to boost productivity will surely help me be more successful and confident in my daily working regimen.”
Ken Jackson
Catapult Systems

“A great start to Agile/XP development strategies and the tools needed to be successful at it!”
Karthik Hariharan

Some of the topics covered are:

Domain Driven-Design

• Test-Driven Development

• Onion architecture

• Inversion of Control

• Resharper

• Source control with Subversion

• Pair programming

• Refactoring

• Build automation with NAnt and CCNet

• Object-relational mapping with NHibernate

• Automated unit and Integration testing

• Interfaced-based programming

• Team dynamics

• Automated deployments

• Redgate SQL Compare

• SQL Profiler

• Rhino Mocks

• Separation of Concerns

• Design patterns