ASP.NET MVC Framework – new build available – source includes unit tests

Just today, the MVC Framework team dropped the soure code refresh on its CodePlex workspace.  This includes a big controller base class refactoring along with other enhancements.

A big deal, also, is that the source code drop now includes the unit tests!  That’s awesome.  Great job Levi, Eilon, Phil and Rob!!


Now we have some work to do to upgrade MvcContrib and CodeCampServer to the new drop. 🙂


The biggest deal is that controllers and actions are now more DRY and more SRP and much more testable because of the ActionResult that action methods now return.


Keep in mind that the MVC Framework is still a work in progress so there are still many things that will change.


I’ll be reporting my findings with the new release, and from what I have found out this week at the MVP Summit, there are some big improvements.  I was also able to corner Phil Haack for a conversation, and when I started sharing my ideas, he was way ahead of me on almost all of them, so color me impressed.  Keep tabs at