March Agile Boot Camp was fun

Last week I taught the March Headspring Agile Boot Camp.  Since it’s a course for developers, it’s all about Extreme Programming, process, and architecture decisions that lead to a zero-friction project.   Stay tuned to my rss feed at because I’ll be releasing the source code for the reference application we work on during the course.  It’s a work order system, and it has all the hairy things you expect in a line of business application, like statuses, state transitions, notifications, etc. 

Mke Palermo (MVP and Microsoft Regional Director) was in my course, and I was glad to see him again.  No we’re not related, but he’s a good friend, and I normally only see him at conferences. 

John Blackman (former Microsoft employee – moved to Austin, TX) was also in the course, and he wrote a review on his blog.

Karthik from Telligent Systems was in the January course, and his blog review is here.