NHibernate presentation files available for download

On November 7, 2007, I gave a presentation to the North Dallas .Net User Group entitled “Introduction to NHibernate 1.2”.

As promised, I have made all the code samples/demos available for download at the following link:

At the above website, you will find a SVN trunk you can check out at the following URL:


NHibernate is one of the demos I have available and to make it easier, I have zipped it up and made it a stand-alone download on the right column; however, if you want to run these samples, I recommend  you doing  a checkout of the trunk.  You will then have the libraries needed to run the code.

Workstation dependencies include:

  • VS 2008 Beta 2 (solution file is in that format, although code works on CLR 2.0)
  • SQL Server running at (local) with the Northwind database loaded.
  • Run “ClickToBuild.bat”, and the other demo database will be created, and all the test scenarios will run to verify everything is hooked up.  Then you can open VS, browse and play.