VS 2003 development without going crazy

I’m doing a little work with a team on a Visual Studio.Net 2003 codebase that includes the goal of upgrading the codebase to .Net 2.0 (at which time it can be developed with VS2008 using “multi-targeting”.

Here are some points I had to recall that make developing with VS2003 not so bad

  • Resharper 2.0 works with VS2003 and make programming a joy.
  • VisualSVN integrates with VS2003 and helps me track what’s been modified through TortoiseSVN integration.
  • TortoiseSVN needs to be configured to use “_svn” directories instead of “.svn” directories to work with VS2003 web projects(see below)

Instead of re-checking out the entire trunk, you can run a shell command to rename all _svn directories to .svn recursively:

From http://ankhsvn.tigris.org/faq.html#XSLTsection126120121120:

Rename to _svn
FOR /R %%f IN (.svn) DO IF EXIST "%%f" (
ATTRIB -h "%%f"
RENAME "%%f" _svn

Rename to .svn
FOR /R %%f IN (_svn) DO IF EXIST "%%f" (
RENAME "%%f" .svn
ATTRIB +h "%%~pf.svn"