Resharper 2.5/3.0 hack to speed up CTRL+N type discovery

When R# 2.5 came out, I noticed that I had to stop typing briefly after pressing CTRL+N before the filtered list of types was displayed.  I was a bit annoyed because version 2.0 showed the list instantly.  From a few emails, I learned that this was an intentional feature and that the delay was not made configurable but might be in the future.

I’ve just downloaded v3.0 RC, and the delay is still there.  I raised the issue on the forum, and I found a nice workaround:

  • Go to the roaming users application data folder (C:Users{my user}AppDataRoamingJetBrainsReSharperv3.0vs8.0) on Vista
  • Open UserSettings.xml
  • Find the node: (xpath) /Configuration/SettingsComponent/integer/setting[14]
    • You’ll notice the delay is “300”.  Change it to <setting name=”UserInputDeferTime”>1</setting>
    • This will drop the delay from nearly 1/3 of a second to 1 millisecond.
  • Save the file.

Don’t put “0” because it will be ignored.  The end result is that you have to delay a tiny/tiny bit, and this feature is much more usable.

For those who don’t know what CTRL+N is, here is what it looks like (old screen shot)