Speaking at the Austin Code Camp, May 5th, 2007 – level 200

This is the second Austin Code Camp, organized by the Austin .net user group : www.adnug.org.  Get more information on the code camp here: http://www.adnug.org/codecamp2007.aspx

I will be giving a talk on 1 topic, but it will be separated into two parts because of the amount of material to cover.

Fundamentals of modern programming

Join C# MVP Jeffrey Palermo for a talk that gets back to the basics of programming with .Net in the 21st century. This talk will not venture into Test-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design, O/R Mapping or other recent advances in programming. Instead, I’ll focus on fundamentals that few colleges or training courses are equipped to cover. Some fundamentals include the actual differences between procedural programs, object-oriented programs as well as how to leverage both for service-oriented programs. Code presented herein will be basic and geared toward illustrating specific fundamentals. An example presented will be what a class should look like and how to decide when to create a class. If you feel a bit rusty on your fundamentals or if you’d just like a refresher course, this talk is for you. (Level 200)


In my career, I’ve found that many programmer focus on certain technologies and become very skilled in them, but the foundation of programming knowledge is lacking.  Granted, many of us may get along these days without having to write a compiler from scratch, but there is plenty of knowledge missing from the common base of programmer knowledge.  My talk will not cover net glitzy technology.  Instead, it will cover more foundational knowledge and extensively reference well-known works and software studies.

My goal is that those who attend my talk will leave with a better understanding for how to go about constructing software.